What makes CloudSense different for media organizations?

In order to remain competitive in this fast evolving digital media landscape, publishers need a solution that allows them to manage complex campaign selling at scale

With 12+ of experience delivering digital transformation, CloudSense brings expert knowledge of CPQ and Order Management in media to meet the specific goals of media organizations and publishers. And unlike any other offerings, CloudSense optimizes sales and order management processes to deliver greater value to media organizations and publishers.

CloudSense enables businesses to:

  • TickAnalyze and crunch large data sets in real time
  • TickSupport complex campaign selling
  • TickOffer a mature self-service capability to buyers

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What CloudSense customers say about us

"From what we saw, CloudSense wouldn't be just a vendor, but a partner. This combined with the flexibility offered by the CloudSense platform, was the most important factor in us deciding to go for CloudSense."

Marvin Walstra, Manager of Back Office Systems Support

Product launch cut from two weeks to an hour

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"CloudSense enables out internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes out lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."

Danielle de Haes, Enterprise CRM Manager


25% reduction in lead-to-order time

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"With CloudSense we now have a seamless, integrated single view of our customers which significantly improves customer service, as well as driving our own business insights through collating all forms of usage and buying data."

Richard Peers, Technology Platforms Director

Provisioning of digital services cut from 2 days to instant

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