TM Forum: Digital Transformation World 2022

We're back from the biggest DTW ever

CloudSense is delighted to have been a sponsor of Digital Transformation World 2022, hosted by TM Forum.

Over three days, over 3,000 people descended on the Bella Center in Copenhagen from 20-22 September to view a packed roster of over 200 speakers and industry experts, as they dissected the state of the telecommunications industry, showcased the latest innovations and tech, and explored the future of connectivity.

If you were there, we hope you found it as illuminating as we did, and if you met us in person, we hope you found our live demos, expert insights and CPQ knowledge useful.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, or see our product for yourself, fill out the form on this page, and we'll arrange time for you to:

  • TickExperience live and personalized demos of the CloudSense platform highlighting our latest capabilities
  • TickGain insights into B2B telco trends, and how CPQ technology can help you capitalize on them
  • TickLearn how our delivery methodology ensures rapid business results

Set up a meeting with our industry experts

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At DTW2022 CloudSense showcased our advanced solutions for telecommunications businesses



5G Bundle creation

In this video demo, we show you how the CloudSense solution enables you to easily create 5G bundles, as well as:

  • Creating a new opportunity
  • Checking prices and editing bundles
  • Generating a quote
  • Sending for approval

Bulk Editing

In this demo video, we demonstrate how the CloudSense solution enables you to perform Bulk Editing actions, as well as:

  • Creating a new solution
  • Adding new access components
  • Adding multiple sites
  • Synchronizing with opportunity

Bulk Subscriber Management

In this demo video, we demonstrate how the CloudSense solution's bulk subscriber management features enable you to easily make large-scale changes across multiple accounts, including:

  • Creating new frame agreements
  • Defining products
  • Associating frame agreement to additional accounts
  • Making bulk changes

Frame Agreement management

In this demo video, we demonstrate CloudSense's Frame agreement management interface along with most of its functionalities, and show the entire process including creating a frame agreement, adding products, providing a quote to a customer, amending agreements and obtaining final approvals.


Self Serve portal

In this demo video, we demonstrate CloudSense's self-serve portal, and how a customer can automatically log into a site to see all their services and subscriptions, and make changes to their subscriptions without having to contact their telco provider

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