Research confirms that CloudSense reduces time-to-market and operational costs

Nucleus Research, a leading provider of investigative information technology insights, recently interviewed CloudSense customers and found significant time and cost savings in invoicing and product implementation

In the past, organizations mainly competed on the basis of their price and product features. But today's customers also expect a smooth and effortless sales experience, supported by self-service web portals with intuitive UI and customization options.

Nucleus Research spoke to CloudSense customers to discover how our CPQ solution enabled them not only streamline sales cycles, increase productivity and reduce operational costs, but also help them differentiate their product offerings and boost customer loyalty.

Download your complimentary report today to learn about the key benefits that CloudSense customers realized post-deployment, including:

  • TickShortening product implementation process by two months through their intuitive product management UI
  • TickReducing the sales cycle by roughly 280 hours per year by automating the invoicing and approval processes
  • TickEliminating the need for a third-party contractor responsible for new product implementations, reducing operational costs by roughly $50,000 a year
  • TickCutting $400,000 a year in salary costs due to contract management automation and the redeployment of 10 full-time employees

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