Reaching a Telco Utopia

How CSPs can reduce their cost to acquire and retain customers, while also boosting their Net Promoter Score

The onward march of technology has made buying and selling products easier than ever. Even so, regardless of industry, we can always envisage better. 

This applies to the B2C telco space in particular, which caters to an essential modern need, but suffers from low Net Promoter Scores. In this guide, we explore how to reduce the cost to acquire and retain customers by implementing improved efficiencies, and see how that not only improves your bottom line, but creates happier and more loyal customers.

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  • TickHow increasing the number pathways a customer can take towards making a purchase will reduce your cost to acquire
  • TickHow improved use of customer data will reduce your cost to retain
  • TickThe role AI can play in improving upselling and cross-selling 
  • TickHow streamlining your acquisition and retention is not only good for your bottom line, but also for your Net Promoter Score

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What CloudSense customers say about us

"They understood how we operate and the complexity of what was needed to fulfil our vision. When you talk to most e-commerce providers it's a case of 'one size fits all' but CloudSense were able to provide the different elements that our sales teams and partners needed implemented."

Brendan O'Rourke, CIO

Go to market 3x faster

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"From what we saw, CloudSense wouldn't be just a vendor, but a partner. This combined with the flexibility offered by the CloudSense platform, was the most important factor in us deciding to go for CloudSense."

Marvin Walstra, Manager of Back Office Systems Support

Product launch cut from two weeks to an hour

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"CloudSense enables out internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes out lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."

Danielle de Haes, Enterprise CRM Manager


25% reduction in lead-to-order time

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